Following the Cecchetti method, students learn terminology, rhythm, coordination, and positions of the feet and arms. Students will concentrate on graceful movements, expression, and musical understanding. They will build strength, coordination, and technique. As the core and foundation of dance education, our ballet classes focus on the overall development, discipline,  technique and self respect of all of our dancers.


Students learn tap-rhythm and timing. From beginners to advanced and professional tappers,  we can proudly say that our studio has received high honors around the world for our incredible tap technique. Students will learn complicated rhythms utilizing syncopation, shading, and building upon basic steps to develop advanced tap technique.  We stress accurate terminology, incorporate unique and entertaining choreography, and create a fun and exciting atmosphere where your child will experience the magic of making music with their feet.




One of the most fun and popular dance styles in American history;  Jazz dancing incorporates isolation, flexibility, and rhythm to create the movements seen all over the music industry from icons like Bob Fosse, Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul, you name it! Students learn to apply their dance technique to various types of music while having fun and gaining confidence as well as stage presence in this high-energy, creative, popular dance style.



This ever-popular dance style is growing more and more by the day! Hip Hop is a broad dance category combining various styles. Our faculty ensures exposure to many fun and creative forms of this dance style including popping, locking, freestyle, old school, funk and individualized stylization of each form. Our students enjoy this one hour of breaking free from the mold to gain a better sense of their own creativity.


Tiny Dancers

For our "pre-dancers" this class has an overall emphasis on having fun while learning coordination, balance, rhythm, musical counting, self-confidence, muscle isolation, development, taking turns and following directions! Parents will take an active role in the class to help introduce these little ones to the world of dance in a comfortable and safe space. This class incorporates the use of props such as balls, scarves, "magic backpacks", and more! Bring your little one aged 18 months to 2 and a half and don't forget your imaginations!



Incorporating coordination with physical strength and agility, dancers will learn to the arts of tumbling, rolling, cartwheeling and more. Our faculty focuses on flexibility and safety to develop the proper growth of your child's technique and skill. We offer basic classes for beginners of all ages to advanced classes that incorporate skilled tumbling passes. 



Combining elements of modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet, contemporary dance classes provide movement through expression of the mind and body.  Dancers will be encouraged to explore their creativity while incorporating techniques learned in related subjects.

Barre Fitness

Barre fitness classes are  60-minutes of fun, energetic, low impact and rehabilitative exercises that help to tone and lean out your muscles.  Combining elements of Yoga, Pilates, Strength training and Ballet barre this workout is effective for both men and women. Using targeted body sculpting movements we work to fatigue the major muscle groups of the body through the use of isometric movements that work to burn fat, sculpt the muscle and protect your joints. Barre fitness classes quickly and safely reshape and strengthen your muscles resulting in a lifted seat, tight core, strong lean thighs, defined arms and improved posture. 

Requirements for class:

A positive attitude and smile
Bare foot or  socks (sticky socks recommended)
Bring water bottle
A mat, resistance ball and resistance band will be provided