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     We welcome you to Gloria Jean’s Studio of Dance.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing our studio for your child’s dance education. 
     The information below will help acquaint our new students as well as remind our returning students of studio policies. We look forward to a great season!

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tuition & payments

     Your tuition is based on a yearly rate broken down into 9 payments, no matter how many weeks are in the month or how many classes your child attends.  These payments are due the first lesson of every month.  All students must keep their accounts up to date. As of September 2022, payments can no longer be made through an online portal. You must request a monthly invoice or pay at the studio by card or check. 

     A deposit is also due on your child’s recital costumes by October 1st with the balance due in full by February 1st. There are fundraising options available at the beginning of the year to help offset costs.

Please note that we are no longer selling dance-wear at the studio. If you have any questions, please contact us. 

CLOTHING - For all classes, students are required to wear a black leotard with tights (pink, black, or suntan preferably). If you student is taking a gymnastics class, please have them wear un-footed tights so they can be barefoot during class.

SHOES - Please note the changes in shoe recommendations from previous years.

  • Ballet - For all ballet students we are now recommending pink ballet shoes. (If you have white shoes from previous years, you can continue to wear them. But from now on, we recommend pink.)

  • Tap - For Creative Movement, Primary, and Intermediate 1/2, we recommend black or suntan buckle or tie tap shoes. For Pre-Teen, Teen, and Adult classes, we recommend black lace-up shoes. (If you have white shoes from previous years, you can continue to wear them.)

  • Jazz - All jazz students should wear black slip-on or lace-up jazz shoes. Ballet shoes are also acceptable for classes, but recital will require jazz shoes. 

  • Hip Hop - All students should wear comfortable sneakers or jazz shoes during classes.

     Students are placed in class according to age and ability at the sole discretion of the faculty.  Parents are asked that their children attend classes regularly.  Once a child is placed in a class it becomes important to the teacher, classmates, and a child’s individual training that every effort is made to attend weekly.  There are no observers in the classroom. We feel this creates a distraction and it becomes difficult for the teacher to keep the full attention of the students.  Observation is at the discretion of the teacher.
     Dance cannot be taught efficiently without the proper attitude or behavior. Misconduct in any part of the studio will not be tolerated.  After a parent has been informed of this and the misconduct continues, the student will be asked to withdraw from the studio.

closings & holidays

     We are typically closed for Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas week, and New Years. We also have a week-long Spring-break in mid-April.

     Closings due to weather will first be posted on our Facebook - please follow us there to receive immediate updates. 

our annual recital

     The recital is held in early June. Tickets go on sale three to four weeks before the performance and a dress rehearsal is held the week leading to the show.  Our souvenir recital program contains personal ads and class photos and will be available to everyone.  We take great pride in producing a truly professional recital.


Dress Code

attendance & behavior

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