Hi Everyone, I can’t believe we are a week away from May.  I am writing to once again let you know we are definitely planning to have our yearly recital.  I have had many emails hoping that it will take place.  I understand there will be a lot of disappointed dancers who had worked so hard right up to March to be able to perform.  The performance will not be at Southern CT State University so at the moment it is hard to give a date and place.  This will be determined as soon as the guidelines from the state are in place to allow us to gather.  Your Costumes are all set to go.  We were very lucky to get them all before all the shut downs of those factories happened.  This was a huge expense for us and we appreciate that your costume deposits really helped with that expense.  As far as our on-line classes, we will be continuing them for the whole month of May.  If and when we are allowed to open the studio for rehearsals both on line and in class for the recital dances we will let you know as soon as possible. We are hoping that by September when we usually re-open we will be in full swing. 

As for now, we will have a break after the recital (pending on when the State reopens) and offering classes on a limited schedule/pay structure for those students who wish to advance at a quicker pace. 

After a lot of thought going through this situation, we have decided that in the future, we will transition into keeping the studio open throughout the summer for an optional full 12-month program in addition to our current 9-month traditional program. We will inform you as we get closer to the new season, how this will work and when we will begin.

My faculty and I are really excited to get back to seeing the children.  To the parents who have had their children participate in the classes for the last few weeks we thank you all for your support.  We are thrilled we were able to provide them.  We will continue to keep you informed. 


Thanks so much for your support!

Miss Stacy and Gloria Jean’s Studio Staff.

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